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  • Catwalq S01 E26

    Folarin comes begging one more time, with more generosity to offer Paris. Alex and Nimmi get into a fight over him still being involved with Adaura. Wange and Folarin's wife happen to be old school buddies and this doesn't sit well with Paris. Nimmi keeps wanting to involve her father in her life

  • Catwalq S01 E25

    Kima denies him his resignation until they sort the matter out. Kenny comes over and offers assistance in catching the culprit. Kima gives Simi a query over some insubordination and Keme goes on to clear his desk.

  • Catwalq S01 E24

    Nimmi is feeling choked and wants to move into the campus hostel. Another idea is leaked to a rival company, this time a company Keme used to work for and Kima stops their affair. Keme tenders his resignation letter.

  • Catwalq S01 E23

    Nimmi frowns at the affair going on between Keme and her mother and becomes more rebellious. Folarin reprimands her wife about her confrontation with Paris and leaves the threat of a divorce. Paris and Folarin's wife get into it again at the saloon. Sydney comes over to patch things up with Wange, but gets dumped instead.

  • Catwalq S01 E22

    The old village man, Okoro, comes to see Paris to siphon more money from her. Kenny comes visiting Kima with a gift but is sidelined by Keme who shows up to flaunt his dominance. Wange gets dreamy about Alvin's charming countenance, but Paris cautions her about gold-digging gigolos in town. Sydney threatens lightly to take Kima to court over being involved in Nimmi's life.

  • Catwalq S01 E21

    It's Kima's birthday in the office and Keme makes an open declaration of his love for her and Simi is heartbroken but her friends are extremely fascinated. Alvin gets bolder and proceeds to woo Wange properly. Kima and NImmi have a heated argument over the presence of Sydney in their lives. Folarin comes to make things right with Paris.

  • Catwalq S01 E20

    Paris confronts Folarin in his office about the restaurant affair, but the meeting is cut short by his wife's sudden appearance. Folarin's wife comes to Paris's office to mark her territory with her husband and humiliate her. A staff meeting holds and Kima goes off on everybody about the declining position of the magazine. Nimmi meets Sydney secretly without Kima's consent.

  • Catwalq S01 E19

    Paris's plan of reconciling her friends didn't seem to work. Nimmi is angry at her mother for hiding the truth about Sydney from her all her life. Paris goes to see Barry and is startled to see another lady with him. Alvin finally attracts Wange's attention.

  • Catwalq S01 E18

    Wange accuses Kima of wanting to get her new man and their friendship is put on the line. One of the secretaries, Biola asks Kenny out to lunch and openly flirts with him but meets a dead end. Paris tries to douse the feud between Wange and Kima. Sydney tries to familiarize with NImmi behind her mother's back.

  • Catwalq S01 E17

    Wange confronts Sydney as to how he abandoned Kima in the past, and to her surprise Sydney never knew about Nimmi. Kima seeks consolation in the home of Keme, but Simi springs up a surprise visit. Sydney comes to see Kima, pleading for a chance to see his daughter.

  • Catwalq S01 E16

    While Kima is still trying to deal with the shock of seeing Sydney, Keme comes visiting at night and probes about what's bothering her. Paris and Wange becomes very insistent at knowing what's bothering her and the shocking revelation of Sydney's past with Kima is uncovered.

  • Catwalq S01 E15

    Simi is still very bitter about what's going on between Keme and Kima and plans a retaliation. Alvin accidentally interrupts Sydney and Wange's little get together, making her a bit uncomfortable. While having dinner with Barry, Folarin walks in with his wife and Paris's attitude changes for the worst. Wange throws Sydney a welcome party and all the ladies get to meet him but it is cut short as Kima storms out without an explanation.

  • Catwalq S01 E14

    Simi remains adamant about letting Keme be snatched off by Kima. Kenny, the photographer openly flirts with Kima and asks her out. Keme wants to take their relationship to a new level but Kima is too scared of commitment. The old, village man comes calling for Paris again which rouses the concern of her friends.

  • Catwalq S01 E13

    Kima catches Nimmi sneaking out of the house at night. An overly excited Wange anticipates Sydney's arrival but isn't all thrilled when he eventually arrives. An old, village man comes in search of Paris. Simi plans a surprise party for Keme which eventually flops. Kima and Keme banter with words during a staff meeting that raises the brows of a few other staffs. Their relationship deepens.

  • Catwalq S01 E12

    Kima comes home after a brief hangout with her friends to meet an empty house, she admonishes Nimmi for her unpredictable movements. Alvin shows up at Wange's apartment to tries to convince her to go out on a date. Keme suggests he and Simi take a break from their relationship.

  • Catwalq S01 E11

    Sydney refuses to show up and Wange is heartbroken after all her preparations, making her doubt if he really exists. Adaure causes a public commotion when he sees Alex and Nimmi together. Paris complains to Folarin about her loneliness and for him to speed up his separation from his wife. Simi walks in on Keme and Kima sharing an awkward moment.

  • Catwalq S01 E10

    Paris and Wange teases Kima over her constant working mode with Keme, which she takes a bit too personal and overreacted. Nimmi makes an enemy out of Adaure, the dancer she replaced while still keeping it secret from her mother. Alex wants to deepen his relationship with Nimmi but she won't allow him. Barry puts more pressure on Paris about the response to his proposal.

  • Catwalq S01 E09

    The magazine suffers a drop in sales and Kima goes off on all of the staff but gets a shocking retort from her colleagues. Keme works late again with Kima and they both end up at a business cocktail party where she takes more than a few drinks and Keme witnesses a new side of her.

  • Catwalq S01 E08

    After working late into the night, Kima suggests she drop Keme at home and they unconsciously form a bond. Simi on the other hand didn't find it funny and even toys with the idea of them starting their own magazine. Alex, the dance instructor in the studio convinces Nimmi to replace a dancer who just quit. Paris honours her date with Barry.

  • Catwalq S01 E07

    After working late into the night, Kima suggests she drop Keme at home and they unconsciously form a bond. Simi on the other hand didn't find it funny and even toys with the idea of them starting their own magazine. Alex, the dance instructor in the studio convinces Nimmi to replace a dancer who just quit. Paris honours her date with Barry.

  • Catwalq S01 E06

    Nimmi flees the house and seeks refuge with Wange who teams up with Paris to make a furious Kima see reason. Barry is pretty upset for being stood up by Paris, but she reassures him with the promise of a date.

  • Catwalq S01 E05

    Barry, another suitor shows up to take Paris out, but she stalls him for a so-called 'important' client who happens to be Folarin. Keme comes back a second time at Simi's apartment to mend things with her. Nimmi comes back home to find her belongings packed up, Kima is bent on sending her back to medical school.

  • Catwalq S01 E04

    Nimmi becomes caught in the fantasy of being a super model as the edition of the magazine sold out, though Kima still hammers on about her facing her studies. Paris raises the idea of she and Folarin having a baby together. Kima ruins Keme's dinner date and his attempt to patch things up with Simi falls futile.

  • Catwalq S01 E03

    A top secret concept for the magazine is leaked to a rival company and all fingers point at Keme, the graphics editor. While trying to do some damage control, Paris comes up with a fresh idea that might involve Nimmi. Kima vehemently opposes to her daughter doing a photoshoot for the magazine regardless that they risk loosing their benefactors.

  • Catwalq S01 E02

    The fashion show is successful and Kima is shocked to see her daughter at the show. Simi is mad at Keme for ignoring her for another lady during the show. Paris is in a relationship with Folarin, a married man though his wife is making their affair annoyingly impossible. Paris tries to set Kima up with a man.

  • Catwalq S01 E01

    Kima, Paris and Wange, three bestfriends co-own a top fab fashion magazine company and emotions are flying high as they are about to host their first major fashion show. Kima's 18-yr old daughter, Nimmi shows up in her mother's office with the appalling news of forgoing medical school to become a singer.